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Taxidermist Books

The taxidermist books are written by the modern and old-time taxidermists themselves and are ideal for those wanting to learn the art of taxidermy.

Rowland Ward

Rowland Ward (1848 - 1912) was a British taxidermist and founder of the taxidermy firm Rowland Ward Ltd of Piccadilly. The company specialized in, and was renowned for their work on big game trophies.

Rowland Ward
Rowland Ward

A Naturalist's Life Study In The Art Of Taxidermy by Rowland Ward (1913) is Ward's own story of the famous firm of taxidermists, originally printed for private circulation. It is believed that as few as fifty copies of the first edition were produced.

For old rare copies of Rowland Ward's Records Of Big Game and Rowland Ward's Sportsman's Handbook

> > Taxidermist Books



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