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Bookshelf Bestsellers

This is our Bookshelf Bestseller list for 2013. It is fascinating to see the various African hunting books or Africana books you have bought, and I hope, enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy seeing what fellow African hunters are reading this year....and if you have time, we would really appreciate your book reviews

The Bestseller of 2012

'A White Hunter's Life' by Angus MacLagan (1983) is the story of a professional white hunter in Africa in a time we will never see again. Hunting elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, crocodile, plains game and more in Rhodesia in the early part of the 20th century. Angus MacLagan died in 1950.
Double Rifle Of The Month

Bookshelf Bestsellers March 2013

Gerald Burrard Errol Trzebinski Leo Kroger Don Cowie Al Miller et al

Bookshelf Bestsellers February 2013

Jack O'Connor Robert Ruark Craig Boddington J A Hunter T V Bulpin John Taylor

Bookshelf Bestsellers January 2013

Sir Frederick J Jackson Jack O'Connor Robert Ruark Michael H Mason Graham Cooley and John Newton

> > Bookshelf Bestsellers